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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 12, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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knife. he charged at officers. they ordered him to drop the weapon. he did not. they fired from the duty weapons striking him at least one time. >> man was taken to the hospital where he dayed. you can see from sky 7 the neighborhood after the shooting. police are everywhere. it was the same john josh garcia saw. >> i stopped by to play powerball at the liquor store and i heard noise i method it was firecrackers or something. >> help side investigators interview witnesses and gather evidence. the officers who shot the man will be placed on paid several vigils are held around the bay area tonight for three north carolina college students, all muslim killed by a their. 100 stanford students gathered for a vigil last night organized by the islamic society of the university. the victims' family describe it as a hate crime.
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the suspect 46-year-old craig hicks may have been motivated by a dispute over parking. his wife said he snapped and the shooting had manage to do with faith. a stanford student does not believe it. >> someone who does not have hate in their hearts does not complain about noise with a gun and does not settle a parking dispute by killing three people in the head -- shooting th the head the. >> a sister of a victim is a doctor at san francisco general hospital and says the you have wants to see it investigates a hate crime. >> today the bart board will vote on whether to ask the prosecutors to drop charges again protesters who shut down a station back in november. supporters of the protesters who are anything named the bart 14 will protest at the meeting in oakland. the protesters were arrested for chaining themselves to a bart train on black friday forcing officials to close the station for hours. >> new details in the case of a
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police officer whose gun and badge were stolen during an encounter with a prostitute. according to our partners three other police officers were also in reno with the sergeant. the board that oversees the department is admit members have anyone about this since it happened. the police chief will have his job performance under review at the board meeting the last month he decided to spend the police officer but did not we force it leaving many outraged. the lawyers say the client physical asleep if the room with the press stot and may have been drugged. >> bart iters will board train looking for potential symptom they could be coming down with measles. contra costa county health officials say a person with "active measles," road bart between lafayette and san francisco montgomeryry street and took the train on wednesday, thursday, friday for morning and evening. it can take two weeks to have
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symptoms. so you may have been evening supposed and not shown any evidence. the person is working at linked in and is recovering 59 home. >> it usually takes 67-18 days for symptoms to appear. first sink tops are fear, runny nose cough red eye and sore throat. you could feel very, very tired and you will have spots this your mouth and a rash all over. we have an entire page devoted to how measles are contracted at >> operations up and down the west coast are suspended for four of five days starting together over a labor dispute at the ports cutting into the bone for farmers and others who are losing business. >> at cranes in the port of oakland are idle and dozens of ships are unable to deliver or pickup goods. the pack maritime association
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suspendeddations in the middle of a labor dispute with the long shoremen saying the union is intentionally slowing down operations with fewer crane operators. the union disagrees. >> the problem a lack of property training if the dangerous pieces of equipment. that is not a slow down. that is following a safety rule that makes sure everyone is protected. >> employers are now refusing to pay holiday and weekend premium rates for four days. >> caught in the middle of it are the truck drivers. >> this man normally picks up and delivers two container as day. >> if we do not deliver we are not paid. the pills for the truck keep on coming. >> the backlog in delays is inflicting economic damage on factories and warehouse rares and any business connected to goods moving through the ports. >> breaking news, after 15 hours of talks, russian president vladimir putin said a cease-fire
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will take effect in ukraine and announced both the rebels and government were froms have agreed to stop fighting by sunday. if the cease-fire holds up it could end the 10-month long conflict in eastern ukraine between rebels and troops and more than 5,000 people have been killed in the fighting, including many civilians. >> president obama is expected to be briefed on developments in the ukraine before he leaves for bay area. the president will arrive at sfo around 5:30 this evening. highway patrol is whatever warning drivers to expect delays on northbound 101 and interstate 280 as the motorcade heads to san francisco. the president is am stanford tomorrow for a summit on cyber security and held a round table talk with business leaders. tomorrow night he attend a democratic national committee fundraiser in san francisco and will leave on saturday morning for palm springs. >> it may not be the big winner but a powerball purchased in the east bay matched five numbers in
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the $564 million palm beach worth $1.4 million purchased at pop top market and liquor in san leandro. three tickets matched all six numbers told in texas, north carolina and puerto rico. they will have to split. the numbers are 11 thin, 25 39, 54 and power ball is 19. the jackpot was the third largest in powerball. >> did you buy tickets? >> why believe i when but eric is not here this morning... >> we need to make a call. >> eric i have always been your best buddy. >> you have to get in line behind me. >> i live closer to him. here is a look at our temperatures around san francisco: veteran in the bayview and crissy field and 56
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in ocean beach. glenn park is 54. coming through the ferry building 53, headed to downtown at 52 degrees. we have 51 in belmont and richmond and 52 in pacifica and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 40s and american canyon at 41 and petaluma at 42. we have fog around santa rosa but not down 101 to san rafael. it is clear. check out the temperatures quite a spread 68-72 inland and 65 around bodega bay to 73 in half moon bay to 76 in santa cruz and around the bay we will have 67 to 74 with our best chance of a record high will be 72 in oakland because the record is 70. walnut creek is looking clear as we look southbound on 680. we are in the low-to-mid 70's friday, saturday and again on sunday so record highs are possible through the weekend. watch out for the pollen. it will be very high. >> the golden gate bridge is
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virtually empty and we could have a couple of cars making it in the southbound direction. zipper truck has not made it across the bridge. they will be pulling up in a moment. further to the north we do have a construction protect. this is northbound highway 101 traveling between san marin drive to buck center drive you will find the project with cones there so slow for the cone zone. a 80 westbound from tracy to the am pass to dublin it will take 26 minutes so it is clear. you could have a regulate in the eastbound direction. "four when from antioch to concord, 14 minutes, 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco you saw the golden gate bridge is looking fine and not of novato mike has been telling us about fog be careful and use the low beams. >> next paying it forward a fine wine at a time a mysterious owner whose mission is to add a
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little red wine to your day. stay tuned.
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> james bond star is dealing with damage to his malibu home this morning after a fire broke out last night. according to the fire department it started in the garage before 10:00 and it took 50 firefighters 35 minutes to income down the fire. the 61-year-old actor was not hurt. in word on what started it. >> a mystery woman is creating quite the buzz in the east bay. remember hidden cash? this is the sort of thing like that but with wine. the woman has been making the rounds spreading joy by baying random people a bottle of wine
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anonymously. cornell bernard is looking for the secret wine lover. >> everyone hopes she will show up at the table. >> this is like a downtown legend now. >> it is no legend. the woman who is called "secret som," is real. som is short for somilier and plotting sneak apeaks on diners "gifting" them bottles of wine. >> the owner of "the cellar door," asked if there was a deserving customer would love as good red. this was the winner. >> >> the secret som had a bottle, i was shocked and surprised. >> show tweets clues where she was going and last week from an asian restroom.
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>> check out the happy folks. the retired technical executive with a passion for local wines has spent thousands on strangeers. secret som wants it stay anonymous but loves the valley and wine and i want to share my passion by spreading joy. many hope they are next. >> i will be right here at cellar door. find me. >> she will take a break after valentine's day unless she feels the urge to give. who's next? >> we need a secret barista to hand us the coffee the. >> i need a secret shoe person. >> warriors are headed to the all star break with the best record in the nba. thompson hit a three with a 1.5 remaining and the warriors avoid disaster after almost turning over an inbound past but curry
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is fouled and gets it and the warriors hold on. warriors coach named thompson is curry starters for the automatic stars. >> we will be in new york city for the nba all star game with a report saturday and sunday right here. >> great way to spend valentine's day but never convince the wife that i have to watch the all-star game on valentine's day or the day after valentine's day. >> maybe if you brought her to the game it will even it out. >> slam dunk contest is romantic right? absolutely. if you want to be in the doghouse. >> thank you is where my tv is. >> live doppler 7 hd is dry crass here and up to lake tahoe if you are headed out check out our beautiful you have from the east bay hills camera and how calm the bay is this morning. if you take a ferry ride enjoy the tranquility.
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high clouds and record warmth today but through the entire weekend. beach hazards are developing today with large swells and sneaker waves and rip currents and it will be cooler next week but the transition: no rain. oakland is our best chance at record high today at 72 degrees and san rafael is the record high at 71 and i am calling it 68. san jose is at 74 and 69 at concord and 70 in san francisco where we have to get up to 73 or 74 degrees. if you head to pebble beach you thought yesterday was nice? they are starting off at 8:00 and it will be cool though doubt, and you will not have the jacket on long. by electric we are at 71 at pebble beach. mid-70's through the afternoon. at 5:00 it will be 69. unbelievable.
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tonight, we see a lot more 50s, richmond oakland, san mateo, half moon bay, san francisco, low-to-mid 50's and the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 40s under high clouds. the storm system, we have been watching the high clouds and pause it has been out this and blocked by this area high it has been churning up surf and it is the wears of low pressure that turn up the surf and makes its way to us. the waves could get up to 15-20 feet so we have the beep has arrest statement at 6:00 this morning through 6:00 saturday evening for the entire coast to the monterey bay. >> the seven-day forecast shows breeze shifting on monday when the cooling hits the coast and it will spread through the rest of our neighborhoods by wednesday and mid-to-upper 60's and warmer-than-average. >> smooth sailing on the san mateo bridge from hayward to pass step city so across the
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water to peninsula it will only take you 10 minutes. we have construction in other areas of the bay area but i will talk mass transit. bart is 23 traps running on time and ace train is four minutes out to tracy and muni has no delays. the bay area shows mostly greens so we are at top speeds and if you are traveling out oakland to san leandro that will be on the slow side westbound 580 to 1 164th where you have a pocket of construction. most of the commute is in the westbound and you are at top speed. los gatos-businesses netflix gave fans of "house of cards," a treat. netflix is the joker for "house of cards," fans watching
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the new season two weeks ahead of schedule and they blamed a "technical glitch," netflix said "this is washington and there is always a leak." >> kill switches are credited with a dig decline in smartphone thefts. this 12 months since apple implemented the fee tire iphone thefts were down 40 percent? san francisco, 25 percent in new york and 50 percent if london. forget the selfie now it is the drony, a selfies taken by a drone. the camera focused on operator as the drone lifts off. alex has traveled 125,000 miles to take pictures of...himself. a whole new number of selfies. >> have a great day. coming up, a warning about the valentine's day chocolate you could be ready to buy, a dangerous substances uncovered this popular brands and what consumer groups want to do. >> a thief who skipped the
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burger and fries and want straight for the shake. stay tuned.
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♪ we're all in this together. ♪ when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line at 1-800-273-8255 and press 1.
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>> good morning, a look at san francisco from the camera, cool temperatures but we will heat up nicely. >> there is a sea lion recovering if sausalito a an unusual rescue spot crossing highway 35 with two drivers stopped the car to protect it from traffic until workers from the center arrived and crossed a beach and four lanes of highway. the sea lions is 50 pounds
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undereat. more than 100 baby sea lions have been treated abandoned by mothers. biologists did not know why. when the sea lion is healthy it will be released. >> i heard the mothers were not getting enough food so we will look into that. >> a happening today the international bird recuse will release clean and healthy sea birds into the bay after being treated for mysterious goo part of a flock of 323 rescued found along the east bay shoreline covered in a rubber she minute like substance. 150 birds have died and the rest were taken into car. investigators have not identified the goo. the release is 11 o'clock this morning at the base of the golden gate bridge at fort baker. >> surveillance video is released of a daring burglary. a man smashed a window to the wendy's restaurant in antioch and very determined as he stole a flat scene tv mounted to the wall. >> this happened on monday
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morning and police are still looking for the burglar. >> more video: high speed police chase in dallas, texas police chased a white dodge challenger after getting a call of a robbery in progress. this happened. driver ran into the back of a van and an s.u.v. and the female driver of the van get out and opened the door and the suspect's car with the help of her passenger they wrestled him to the ground and held him until police arrive. dallas police say never ever do what this woman did. >> it ended well but usually police tell you what not to do. >> wait for them. >> if more waiting for sunshine. meteorologist mike nicco, bring it on. >> fog too, if you travel through the san joaquin valley. be careful as you head all the way to the grapevine until 10:00. around state you may want to: low-to-mid 70's through the central valley and low-to-mid 80's and breezy around san diego
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and los angeles and palm springs. 69 yosemite record high year at lake tahoe and record high 62 today. look at this my seven-day forecast is record high tomorrow, record high saturday possible record high on sunday and it is going to be interesting if you are skiing up there a lot of/and high sunburn potential of the temperatures are cooler next week but not anywhere near the average high of 44 and average low of 17. >> if we like the warmth we hit the jackpot. we are winners in the bay area. >> you are a winner if you travel along 680 a mice commute and only taking you eight minutes from highway 4 to the 24 junction southbound on 680 in san jose the drive on 280 from 101 to cupertino it will only take you 12 minutes. we are looking at accident-free conditions and across other areas of the bay area from walnut creek to dublin it is 15 minutes and 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco
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june minutes through the santa cruz mountains the drive is 23 minutes. >> a consumer health watchdog group claims several popular chocolate products containing higher than normal amounts of lead including two from trader joe's and one at see's did not past independent tests. the companies should put warning labels on the wrappers. >> we bought hundreds and hundreds of different chocolates and we sent them to an independent laboratory. we had them tested for lead and we compared the levels for the legal limits. >> in a statement the national candy says says the f.a.a. and other health officials have determined that small traces of naturally occurring heavy metal in food are unavoidable and present no public health list. for the tested chocolates go to
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>> the restaurant industry in the city is good if you are looking for work. san francisco bartenders and servers are paid the most in the country. pay scale breakdown the salaries of waiters and bartenders and find out which food cities are the best place for restaurant workers. san francisco is the place on be including tips bartenders maybe $26.50 an hour $10 more an hour than in new york. the san francisco servers take home an average of $21.50 an average. and outpacing los angeles peer making $16-$20 an hour. >> this is how you can lose your job, a texas teen tweeted how much he was dreading her new job at a pizza company and the boss found out she complained and said "no you don't start that job today, i just fired you. good luck with your no money no job life." >> that is 140 character slap in the face.
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>> here is another lesson on what not to do. >> new at 5 o'clock am the surveillance video that will help take a eight out of crime one camera at a time. >> he resigned over an influence scandal involving pg&e but the foam head of the utility copies is still being honored. stay tuned.
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good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance? me too... we're practically twins! live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning. thanks for joining us.
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i am matt keller. >> i am christian. >> we do not know where eric is so we assume he won the powerball and is on the way to barbados or someplace like that. >> will with, leyla gulen is still here and did not win and meteorologist mike nicco, you are always winning. >> as far as you know. >> good morning everyone, we are winning if we like dry commutes. if you like warm winters here is another winter. our camera shows the wind blowing offshore. it is cool this morning to mild at 40 to 54 and we are in the mid-to-upper 50s by noon and on way to upper 60's by lower 70's. enjoy the evening 58 to 60 is normally where the highs are >> we are not worried about the fog or


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